☀️ My 2.6 Sunflower Challenge! 🌻 Let The Growing Commence! ðŸŒ»

Whether you want to name a sunflower to remember someone you’ve lost or to celebrate life in the sunshine I know these seeds of hope will make you happy as they reach for the sky….

Click here to name your own sunflower, read my story and donate to a good cause.

Together we can grow giant sunflowers! 🌻


☀️ She’s Sunshine mixed with a little bit of Hurricane! ðŸŒ¬

Sarah Sunflower Rounded

I love sunshine and sunflowers! 

Sunflowers bring a smile to my face and the sunshine brings joy and warmth to my heart…. Oh and as anything yellow or orange makes me happy too I thought I would surround myself with my favourite colours whilst I share with you all the ways I’ve encountered sunshine and sunflowers in my life so far… not only on my travels but in many other ways too.
Like me, I hope you like the warmth of the sun and the beauty of sunflowers and will use this space to share our love of all things tangerello (my name for a hue made up of my favourite two colours)
Sending sunshine and happiness to you all ☀️ 😀