☀️ Sunflower Challenge Update: And The Winner Is…??? 🌻

🌻 The first sunflower to bloom in our challenge was Steve’s ‘brobdingnagian’Steves sunflower

🌻 But Steves sunflower certainly wasn’t the tallest and didn’t reach the required 2.6m 😭

🌻 BoB, Musical joy, Liz, Audrey2, Ben turbo and Southern Palms all raced past… and all reached over 2.6m 💪🏼 

Sarahs winning sunflowers

🌻 Our good friend Dora visited and we took the chance to get a proper measurement for the sunflowers in your challenge… so that we could let you know the winner. ….which was Liz (Sponsored by Ruth Penny to encourage her friend ‘Liz’ who is going through cancer treatment at the moment). What a great result

Dora measuring sunflowers

🌻 Liz not only reached 2.6m first but grew to a stunning height of 3.35m…. closely followed by Audrey2 who reached 3.2m and BoB, who reached 3.15m

🌻 The sunflower that didn’t grow tall but had an amazing 15 sunflower heads on the one plant was ‘Weed’ sponsored by Lois.


🌻 We even planted some last minute sunflowers in our front garden which are looking amazing now.

Back garden 030920

🌻 Congratulations to everyone who sponsored a sunflower in the 2.6 challenge. They’ve been incredibly beautiful and have brightened up our garden this summer….even if they have created a lot of work as we’ve fought to keep them watered and stop the slugs and other bugs that seemed intent on eating them and spoiling the challenge 😀☀️🌻 🎉 


☀️ Sunflower Challenge Update: 2 meters smashed! 🌻

🌻 Today I checked the growth of your giant sunflowers…

Sarah amongst the sunflowers

🌻 Your sunflowers are reaching for the sky…

Sunflowers reaching for the sky!

🌻 Audrey 2 is leading the race…She has reached 2.13m…so far…

Sarah measuring how big the sunflowers are

☀️ BoB, Sooty, Ben Turbo and Hope are close behind…😀 

🌻 To be continued…

☀️ Sunflower Challenge Update 🌻

🌻 Planting out and naming…

Sunflowers 6

Sunflowers 5

🌻 Steve enlisted to help the sunflowers grow…

Sunflwers 7

🌻 Growing bigger…

Sunflowers 9

🌻 BOB and Audrey 2 are leading the race…so far…

Sunflowers 2

🌻 Photo from today…sunflowers making headway…

Sunflwers 0

🌻 To be continued…

☀️ Into the great outdoors 🌻

It’s time for your baby sunflowers to be released into the sunshine.

A row of plant pots with the sunflowers seedlings growing out with little leaves

 The night frosts have ended and today we planted your sunflowers 🌻 into the garden so that they can get used to their new home in the sun and have more space to stretch down their roots to grow tall and strong.

A sea grass shed and 26 sunflowers now planted in the gardern with a wire fence around to protect them and some plastic bottle over a few of them

 The space was cleared and dug carefully and netting has been put up to protect them from any rebellious creatures ….and they’ve had their second dose of miracle grow.

26 sunflowers now planted in the gardern with a wire fence around to protect them and some plastic bottle over a few of them

I am waiting to make sure they all survive in the outdoors before naming them ……so next weekend the naming will commence.

A zoomed out shot of A sea grass shed and 26 sunflowers now planted in the gardern with a wire fence around to protect them and some plastic bottle over a few of them with a rounded lawn and windy path made from little square stones

 Thought you might like to see how happy they all are

🌻 To be continued…..

☀️ A wonderful surprise 🌻

A sunflower congratulations for your 2.6 challenge card amongst lots of plant pots which have sunflower seeds in

☀️ Received a wonderful surprise this morning when I opened the post to find this very beautiful handmade card from Meryl & Richard. Thanks so much for this wonderful encouragement in my 2.6 sunflower challenge. 🌻 

Also just given my new baby sunflowers their first dose of ‘Miracle Gro’ – Thanks to advice given by those who have more experience in growing beautiful flowers than me – To give all the seedlings the best chance to reach 2.6 metres….. and beyond.

🌻 There are only six unnamed sunflowers left…

🌻Don’t let those that haven’t been sponsored yet get left behind in this race. Donate now to give them a name and reason to lift up their leaves to the sky. 🌻

☀️ My 2.6 Sunflower Challenge! 🌻

Sarah Sunflower Rounded

🌻 The 2.6 Sunflower challenge 🌻


As there is no London marathon this year in the UK due to the COVID19 lockdown many charities across the UK have decided to hold the 2.6 challenge to raise much needed funds.

The challenge celebrates the 26 miles that would have been covered by runners in the London marathon on the 26th April this year and I’ve decided to participate to support the amazing work of World Cancer Research Fund by planting 26 sunflower seeds. I’m hoping to grow 26 giant sunflowers to a staggering height of 2.6 metres each…. I will actually be happy if I manage to grow one over 2.6 feet with my unpredictable gardening skills… so this really is a challenge for me.

I will donate £26 to start the event (£1 per sunflower) and ask if you would like to join me by sponsoring a sunflower for yourself and naming it – I will add a label with your chosen name to your sunflower and will give weekly video updates so you can see just how quickly your sunflower is growing.

The first one to reach 2.6 metres will get a special prize… and remember all your kind donations will be going to support World Cancer Research Fund, who fund cancer prevention research to help more people live cancer free lives.

If you’d like to be part of my challenge and have your own sunflower, please click or scan the QR code below and let me know what name you want to give your sunflower in the message box, along with the donation you’d like to make 

Together we can grow cancer prevention awareness….. and sunflowers! 🌻

Just open up the camera on your smart phone and point it at this screen and it’ll take you directly to the page. Otherwise you can just click the code and it will take you to Sarahs fundraising page</p></p></p></p></p></p></p>


Just open up the camera on your smart phone and point it at the QR code and it’ll take you directly to my fundraising page. Alternatively just click the QR code and it will link through too.

Please give me the incentive to look after the sunflowers properly by sponsoring and naming them….let the growing begin 🌻

☀️ She’s Sunshine mixed with a little bit of Hurricane! 🌬

Sarah Sunflower Rounded

I love sunshine and sunflowers! 

Sunflowers bring a smile to my face and the sunshine brings joy and warmth to my heart…. Oh and as anything yellow or orange makes me happy too I thought I would surround myself with my favourite colours whilst I share with you all the ways I’ve encountered sunshine and sunflowers in my life so far… not only on my travels but in many other ways too.
Like me, I hope you like the warmth of the sun and the beauty of sunflowers and will use this space to share our love of all things tangerello (my name for a hue made up of my favourite two colours)
Sending sunshine and happiness to you all ☀️ 😀