☀️ Sunflower Challenge Update: And The Winner Is…??? 🌻

🌻 The first sunflower to bloom in our challenge was Steve’s ‘brobdingnagian’Steves sunflower

🌻 But Steves sunflower certainly wasn’t the tallest and didn’t reach the required 2.6m 😭

🌻 BoB, Musical joy, Liz, Audrey2, Ben turbo and Southern Palms all raced past… and all reached over 2.6m 💪🏼 

Sarahs winning sunflowers

🌻 Our good friend Dora visited and we took the chance to get a proper measurement for the sunflowers in your challenge… so that we could let you know the winner. ….which was Liz (Sponsored by Ruth Penny to encourage her friend ‘Liz’ who is going through cancer treatment at the moment). What a great result

Dora measuring sunflowers

🌻 Liz not only reached 2.6m first but grew to a stunning height of 3.35m…. closely followed by Audrey2 who reached 3.2m and BoB, who reached 3.15m

🌻 The sunflower that didn’t grow tall but had an amazing 15 sunflower heads on the one plant was ‘Weed’ sponsored by Lois.


🌻 We even planted some last minute sunflowers in our front garden which are looking amazing now.

Back garden 030920

🌻 Congratulations to everyone who sponsored a sunflower in the 2.6 challenge. They’ve been incredibly beautiful and have brightened up our garden this summer….even if they have created a lot of work as we’ve fought to keep them watered and stop the slugs and other bugs that seemed intent on eating them and spoiling the challenge 😀☀️🌻 🎉 


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