☀️ A huge thanks to our latest sunflower sponsors ðŸŒ»

field of sunflowers

🌻 As the sunflowers finally start to show their leaves it’s so great to have more of them named – We’ve now gained ‘Rosa’ (named after my lovely late gran) and ‘Weed’ from the Bill and Ben fan club. And frighteningly Audrey2 (from Little Shop of Horrors) has now joined the challenge …. we are just hoping she doesn’t demand our blood to help her reach the 2.6 metres first. ☹️

🌻 There are only three unnamed sunflowers left now…

So you’ll need to join us quick if you don’t want to get left behind in this race. Donate now to give one of these last three a name and reason to lift up their leaves to the sky. 🌻