☀️ A wonderful surprise 🌻

A sunflower congratulations for your 2.6 challenge card amongst lots of plant pots which have sunflower seeds in

☀️ Received a wonderful surprise this morning when I opened the post to find this very beautiful handmade card from Meryl & Richard. Thanks so much for this wonderful encouragement in my 2.6 sunflower challenge. 🌻 

Also just given my new baby sunflowers their first dose of ‘Miracle Gro’ – Thanks to advice given by those who have more experience in growing beautiful flowers than me – To give all the seedlings the best chance to reach 2.6 metres….. and beyond.

🌻 There are only six unnamed sunflowers left…

🌻Don’t let those that haven’t been sponsored yet get left behind in this race. Donate now to give them a name and reason to lift up their leaves to the sky. 🌻