☀️ A gargantuan amount of thanks ðŸŒ»

Field of sunflowers

🌻 Yesterday I received 4 more donations, so I’d just like to give a gargantuan amount of thanks to you all. 😀

It’s been a challenging experience so far and I’ve only just planted the seeds. 🌻 I can’t believe the response of support, love and encouragement from all of you and its so nice to see that some of you have used the sunflowers to to grow a happy memory of those you’ve loved and lost.  Thanks again for all your overwhelming encouragement towards my challenge and towards powering up against Cancer. Every £ helps! 🌻

If you’d like to be part of my challenge and have your own sunflower, please visit my JustGiving page and let me know what name you want to give your sunflower in the message box, along with the donation you’d like to make. 🌻

One thought on “☀️ A gargantuan amount of thanks ðŸŒ»

  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re getting so much support for your challenge, Sarah. It’s a devastating disease that I think has affected every one of us. I’m looking forward to seeing the first little shoots appear! 😀

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